You like Giant Scale Classic Biplanes? We are proud to present our new Giant Scale Stampe SV4.

ARF Stampe SV4 Scale 1:2,8

The Model: This is the exact airplane we chose to model in a scale of 1: 2.8! Its cheek cowl design makes it a perfect match for a Roto FS 170 gasoline four stroke engine. The full-size original is still flying in Belgium today! Our giant-scale model Stampe SV4e will be the star of any airshow you attend! Fully aerobatic with Fourstroke power, this realistic flying beauty will amaze spectators and fellow pilots alike!

Stampe et Vertongen was a Belgian aircraft manufacturer formed in 1922 and based at Antwerp. The company specialised in design and construction of the Stampe biplane. Go to the history: Stampe History

Construction: The “Stampe” SV4e is an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) giant-scale airplane. Extremely precise CNC machining and high-tech construction techniques are employed; only the very best quality balsa, plywood and other materials are used.

We always uses conventional “built-up” construction with, no foam cores. The “Stampe” SV4e is covered with painted Oratex. A complete set of accessories is provided with the Stampe SV4e, including wheels, painted fiberglass cowling and fuel tank. In just a few hours, you can install the engine and RC equipment, then it’s off to the airfield for an exciting first flight!

In Europe, there are many enthusiastic lovers of this unique aircraft. The design is seen very rarely on the model airfields. Our ARF Stampe is the perfect Semi scale flying model.

Finish: Our first model was modeled after the in Belgium flying Stampe “OO-SVT”. The original machine is in Belgium and is looked after and flown by Frank with the “Feel the Sky” team. The alternative finish is the Stampe modeled after Tony Bianchi`s Stampe at the UK Classic Aviators Club. Tony is well known for his Blue Max Collection. Of course, the finish can be changed according to the customer’s request.


Scale: 1:2,8
Wingspan: 118″ (3,0 m)
Length: 91″ (2,31 m)
Recommended powerplant: ROTO 170 FS Fourstroke, or VM 140 B2-FS
Flying Weight: Approx. 44 Ibs (20 kg)
Construction Materials: Balsa, Plywood, Steel, Fiberglass parts, painted Oratex Covering

Our standard version is the OO-SVT Stampe. If you would like a different paint design, please ask us. Choose your favorite painted version from the options below, tell us the plane ID!  Delivery time about 10 – 12 weeks, orders are welcome. Limited Edition, only 30 aircraft will be build.


ARF version price: 

From distribution warehouse Germany: 3600,00 Euro

Standoff scale plane price:

From distribution warehouse Germany: 3800,00 Euro

Surcharge own color request: Price on request

Would you like to choose a different Stampe colour scheme: some other Stampe 

Available either as a Standoff scale plane or R/C control plane   Prices and more information are available on request: Contact…