Autologous fibroblasts


The program of skin rejuvenation using in-house fibroblasts is a process of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, based on the innovative biotechnologies of the cultivation of body tissues.

The program is intended to restore the skin that has signs of ageing, or structural damage and includes the following steps:

Preparatory laboratory and diagnostic examinations to assess the health of the patient. Developing an individual program for skin rejuvenation and retarding the ageing process using i-house fibroblasts. Taking a sample of skin (3 mm) from behind the ear and transfer to the biotechnological laboratory for fibroblast culturing to maintain and proliferation of the fibroblasts to the required quantity

Carrying out therapy (three intradermal administration of the suspension of the in-house fibroblasts within 2 months)


Storage in our biological laboratory conforms to the highest demands and ensures a consistent quality. The active components of the fibroblasts remain in the archive for a period of 24 months and, thus, do not lose their reproductive capacity.

Before the therapy

The treatment of acne scars after 4 months using three applications,
each of 15-20 million autologous fibroblasts per ml.