Frequently Asked Questions

How is it carried out?

Using a medical punch, approximately 3 mm of your tissue is removed from behind your ear. The tissue removed is then further processed in our biological laboratory. After the required quantity of autologous fibroblasts is attained, your own fibroblasts are injected during three sessions of treatment.

CAN I then appear blemished?

No! Fibroblasts do not change your face, such as filling substances, but only correct the deep contour wrinkles on your face.

WHEN do I notice the first changes?

The first changes can be seen approximately 2 months after the last injection.

Who carries out the injections?

The injections are carried out by medical personnel (doctors, naturopaths). They already have great knowledge in injections in the sector of cosmetics.

What are the advantages in comparison with other methods?

In comparison to other methods, which are either based on fill substances or through temporary muscle hemiplegia resulting in taughtening, your fibroblasts are own tissues, nothing is more natural!

If using other methods, in order to maintain the effect, this must be repeated over a relative short period of time. In comparison to this, your own fibroblasts have an effect over a period of five to six years. Thus, the treatment is less expensive and sustainable.

Is the treatment affordable?

Yes, in any case! We willingly explain the prices in an initial personal discussion. Please arrange a date with us for the discussion, – per telephone or per Messenger.