Cellthera clinic offers individual approach for solving your health problems. Professional team of Cellthera clinic is composed of medical experts and health workers who have a complex view on the patient’s health and tries to find the optimal solution for her/him according to the principles of personalized medicine. At Cellthera clinic, we utilize the potential of the human body and its own cells, such as stem cells, immune cells or platelets. Specialists at Cellthera clinic have years of experience in various medical fields and as a team, they represent a complex solution for your health problems.

Prof.Jaroslav Michalek

Chief Physician of Cellthera Clinic

Zuzana Dudasova, PhD

Manager of Cellthera Clinic

Lenka Lysa, MA

Client Service

Prof. Milos Janecek, MD PhD

Orthopedist and Traumatologist

Dr.Jan Travnik, MD


David Stepan, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Sarka Stiborova, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Alica Hokynkova, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Sabina Wasikova, MD


Dr.Robert Prosecky, MD

Physician internal medicine and angiology

Jan Šobáň


Johanna Huang

Consulting and training German and Chinese speaking countries.