Anti-Ageing Treatment

As people get older, effects of the aging process begin to bother them leading to decreased quality of life. Aches and pains, lack of energy, chronic tiredness, bad mood, memory loss, lack of libido may be present. One of the reasons for aging is related to chronic degenerative changes and chronic inflammation in the body. As we get older, our blood vessels, namely arteries suffer from endothelial dysfunction – a chronic inflammation of the inner side of artery wall leading to atherosclerosis that narrows the artery. Thus, less oxygen and nutrients can get to various tissues.
Fortunately, new research studies demonstrate safety and clinical anti-aging effects of autologous (patient´s own) stem cells. Stem cells minimize chronic inflammation including improved functioning of the arterial endothelium. No serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, thromboembolism or death were observed in thousands of people treated with autologous stem cells.

Our hospital offers treatment with autologous stem cells isolated from fat (adipose) tissue as the richest source of mesenchymal stem cells, and other regenerative cells contained in so called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) of adipose tissue.

Ideally, we combine modern non-invasive thermoregulatory diagnostics, to detect specific problems related to aging first. It can reveal potential medical problems even before they cause a serious disease and thus, contribute to early medical problem solving. Based on clinical findings we are able to offer personalized detoxification therapy in combination with stem cell therapy to optimize the treatment potential of stem cells and to meet individual client´s/patient´s needs. Our procedures last typically 5-7 days and they include the following:

  • Intravenous detoxification infusions – personalized to optimally meet the client´s medical needs
  •  Vitamin therapy – personalized to optimally meet the client´s medical needs
  • Anti-oxidant and hydration therapy
  • Electromagnetic field therapy to optimally stimulate stem cells
  • Stem cell therapy

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