Relaxation in harmony with nature in the organic Hotel Eggensberger.

We appreciate and protect the environment that surrounds us: The gently rolling hills, the crystal-clear lakes, and the mountain panorama on the horizon. And we are convinced: you can live and relax better on a natural basis. That’s why we have been running the Hotel Eggensberger as the first certified organic hotel in the Allgäu region since 2003.

Our convictions bring about our dedication and a concept that we continue to improve on: In 2010 we became the first climate-neutral hotel in the region!

  • Organic Hotel

    First certified organic hotel in the Allgäu region since 2003.

Organic hotel

The Eggensberger is not just an organic hotel somewhere in Germany, but rather the first certified organic hotel in the Allgäu region. You can taste our local colour and our love of nature: The fresh ingredients we put in the pots and on the plates are, for the most part, seasonal and locally grown.

Therapy Centre & Wellness

Being healthy means, being able to enjoy all of the opportunities that life has to offer: In the Eggensberger Therapy centre, the centre for medical wellness in the Eggensberger Hotel in Allgäu, we want to make that possible.

Close your eyes … let go, cuddle up into your bathrobe and find yourself again: In the organic hotel Eggensberger you can feel nature up close!

Landscape & Region

The Allgäu region with its mountains and lakes is the backdrop for your most beautiful vacation experiences. Get outside, breathe deeply, feel the comfortable mountain climate and enjoy the exercise: The area surrounding the organic Biohotel Eggensberger is just perfect for that!