About us

Charles Bauer GmbH is a company based in Southern Germany and operates in the health industry. Through close cooperation with the bio-physician, Dr. Sass, specialized in clinical immunology, we can relay new methods of healing or reducing illnesses.

Our doctor is employed as a bio-physician and immunologist since 1977. During this time, he was responsibly involved in diverse projects of renowned companies operating globally, such as Eli Lily, Glaxo, Beecham Boehringer, Varian, Virotech, Alcon (Nestle).

From 2002 to 2012 he was engaged with the research of diverse cancer therapies.

In 2009 he founded and managed the Core CellClinics Inc in New Jersey USA. This clinic was to become one of the leading cancer centres. Within the framework of this activity, he founded further centres in Munich (Germany) and in Lebanon. He cooperated with other cancer centres globally. Up to the present, he is engaged in the research of stem cells and found a new method of treatment to heal multiple sclerosis, with a 90% success rate. He was also successful in the modification of stem cells for the indication of cartilages in the hip and knee joints, as well as intervertebral discs.